2010 Goal #3: Complete a Sprint Distance Triathlon

My little sister inspired this goal.  Last year, she completed her first sprint distance triathlon and loved it.  Until recently, I had no interest in becoming a triathlete.  My greatest concern is the swimming portion.  Swimming one lap in a pool is exhausting for me and that’s without mobs of other swimmers around me.  For my first tri, I am looking at races with a 400 m swim leg.  I figure that if I make it out of the water alive, I will finish the race.  I started swimming laps a few times a week.  It’s a little embarrassing to take breaks after each lap when I’m surrounded by people that are actually “swimmers”.  My plan is to build up my endurance in the pool during the winter so I will be prepared to practice in open water when the warmer weather hits.

I realize that completing a triathlon is much more challenging than the sum of its parts.  I signed up for an indoor triathlon at work.  In two weeks, I will row 2,000 m, bike 3 miles, and run 1.5 miles.  To establish a baseline for myself, I did a practice race and was very humbled when I discovered how tired my legs were by the time I started running.  The experience was beneficial because it reinforced the fact that I have to train for a triathlon, not just for swimming, cycling, and running individually.

Eventually, I would like to participate in a half ironman with my sister.


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