New Year, New Squirrel

We’re three weeks into 2010 and I’m pretty sure that if actually made any resolutions, they would be broken by now.  Luckily, I chose not to torture myself with resolutions and made a list of goals for the year instead.  You may ask yourself, what’s the difference?  It’s all in the attitude.  Resolutions are often negative, like giving something up or stopping an undesired behavior.  On the other hand, goals involve doing something new or improving upon something you’ve already done.  Goals are tangible, measurable and create a great sense of pride when they are met.

Most of my goals for 2010 are designed to get me out of my comfort zone and do things that I know I am capable of, but have been to scared to try in the past.  I am confident that I will be a little less wimpy by the end of the year.


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