Napa Valley Marathon Training Plan

I am officially registered for the Napa Valley Marathon and there isn’t a Half course to bail out on so I actually have to be prepared to run 26.2 miles on March 6, 2011.  I’m pretty excited to run this race because the course is beautiful (and relatively flat) and they keep the field small (only 2,300 runners).  Now, it’s time to think about training and injury prevention.

After some research and a recommendation from one of my running coaches, I decided that the FIRST marathon training program is the ideal plan for me.   Each week, the plan calls for a track workout, a tempo run, a long run, and three cross-training workouts.   I like FIRST because the emphasis on cross-training will allow me to maintain some swimming and cycling fitness so I won’t be back at square one when tri season starts.

I have a couple weeks before I officially start the training program, but I am already following the prescribed weekly schedule for my base fitness training.

Who else is running a marathon in the spring?  What training plans are you using?


8 thoughts on “Napa Valley Marathon Training Plan

  1. Not planning to run it, but i’ll be volunteering. Exertec always mans an aid station at mile 9, so i’ll be cheering you on! Happy Training!

  2. I registered for Napa Valley marathon 2 weeks ago and I’m really excited. This will be my first marathon. I’m using smartcoach by runners world and I love the first training program. I’ll be using taht for my Boston qualifying training. I love smart coach cause I only have to run 3 quality times a week . One easy run, 1 tempo/speed work and one long run. It gives you a pace to run all your runs. I elected 16 weeks training with 20/25 miles current mileage with moderate training plan. Last week was my first offficial training week. I have two weeks buffer in my training program.

  3. I am running Napa as well, also using
    The FIRST program! I have used it for a half. This my my first marathon
    with FIRST 😉

    • Since you’re sticking to FIRST again, it must have worked well for you the past? Good luck with your training. See you in Napa!

  4. I decided to celebrate my 50th birthday by running another marathon. I completed the Marine Corps Marathon 12 yrs ago. I am just training on my own, runnig 2 or 3 short runs, changing up the pace here and there and long runs on Saturday-adding a mile every week. Lots of hills on my long runs and at 5000 ft….I will race a half marathon this weekend, and just carry on throughout the winter! So excited for Napa Valley!

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