Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

After neglecting the Seitanic Squirrel and Run LIke a Squirrel blogs for a couple years, for a couple years I decided to simplify my life by combining my food and training posts at a single location.  Voila!  The two squirrels are now the Malnourished Triathlete!

Life has been very busy since my last post, here’s a quick summary of what I did in the last two years…

  1. Slacked off in the kitchen and ate a lot of veggie burrito bowls at Chipotle
  2. Attended a billion weddings
  3. Purchased a shitload of tri gear (*cough* a shiny new Cervelo P3 *cough*)
  4. Finished several triathlons, including three half ironman races
  5. Spent a not-so-small fortune at Lululemon
  6. Made my 8 year old self very proud  and my 25 year old self embarassed by becoming addicted to hot pink (see below *note: I added pink tires to my bike after this photo was taken)

Someone barfed hot pink on me and my bike


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