Joys of the Off-Season: Sleep-In Saturdays

I love training hard and racing, but waking up at 5:30 am to spend 8+ hours on the road every weekend isn’t something I can sustain year-round.  Triathlon is a very selfish sport and I end up neglecting some of my responsibilities in favor of training during the spring and summer months.  It’s been a couple years since I had a break in racing so after I finished Vineman 70.3 in July, I decided it was time to reward my body by significantly scaling back my training in the fall and winter.  Thankfully, my coach agreed that a break was in order.  My training schedule for the off-season includes at least one day off each week, sometimes even two or three.  My weekend workouts are only 1-2 hours each.  With this reduced training load, I have time and energy to tear it up in the kitchen and do my chores and enjoy luxuries such as sleeping in on weekends and spending time with friends.

I didn’t have any workouts scheduled yesterday so I slept in until 9:30 (that’s really late for me) then straightened my hair and put on makeup (this happens so rarely that some of my co-workers honestly don’t recognize me without my standard bare face, top knot, and nerd glasses).  The weather was warm and sunny so I decided it was time for a long-overdue mommy-doggy date with Miss Dylan.  The first stop was Philz Coffee in Palo Alto for a mint mojito iced coffee with vanilla soy milk and a vegan lemon glazed doughnut (supplied by Pepple’s Doughnuts).  Then, we made the short trip to Hoover Park for Dylan to enjoy some off-leash time.  We continued the lazy fun day at home with a long nap.

I am loving the off-season!

mmm… doughnut


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