Public Service Announcement: Take Care of Your Skin!

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, just a concerned citizen

Ladies and gentlemen of the triathlon community, this is a friendly reminder to take a small break from swimming, biking, and running (and eating, and sleeping) to have your skin checked by a dermatologist every year.  In our training and racing, we accumulate countless ours of sun exposure.  Unlike most other forms of cancer, our active lifestyle actually increases our risk of getting skin cancer.  Ironman World Champion, Leanda Cave, isn’t immune to it and neither are you!

Of course, you already know to reduce your exposure by wearing sun sleeves and sunscreen.  In case you need a reminder, this is what can happen if you forget to apply sunscreen properly.  A year later, I still have a tramp stamp tan…


Despite the horrible quality of this photo, that burn looks nasty!


6 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement: Take Care of Your Skin!

  1. Yikes- that looks painful!
    The sun is such a scary thing, especially when we’re out there for prolonged periods of time sweating. I’ve tried to make it a goal this year to apply before I workout, but I haven’t been very successful. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. If that didn’t look like it hurt like hell, I’d have laughed. I will not be sharing this post with my wife as it would undoubtedly come with a chuck on the arm and an “I told you so”. 😉

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