IMCdA Training Summary: Week 3

You may notice this week’s summary is missing a couple days.  That’s because I’m riding Levi’s Gran Fondo tomorrow and I think it will be worthy of its own post.  Stay tuned for a photo-centric recap of my 103 mile (and 9,000 ft of climbing) ride through Sonoma County. Hopefully, I will HTFU and make it to the finish!

In preparation for the ride, I gave my road bike (The Sixy Beast) some much-needed TLC. I gave him a sponge bath, replaced his chain, and lubed him up real good 😉

The Beast back in the day, when he was the only bike in my life

The Beast back in the day, when he was the only bike in my life and still had reflectors on his wheels…

Week 3 (9/30/2013 – 10/4/2013)

Lot of stretching and rolling because everything was feeling..

Called in sick at work, stayed in bed all day.
Rallied a bit in the evening and did some upper body and core strengthening.

Run 4.5 miles
Swim 2,000 yards.  Lots of drills and focus on bilateral breathing.

Bike 1 hour on trainer + planks and bridges

Run 3 miles + core strength


1 thought on “IMCdA Training Summary: Week 3

  1. It’s too late to wish you good luck with all that climbing, I just know it will be easier without those reflectors weighing you down. Looking forward to hearing how it went, it dounds like a great event.

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