IMCdA Training Summary: Week 6

*** BREAKING NEWS *** After a 15-month hiatus, I finally busted out my wetsuit (it still fits!) and went for a swim in open water. Somehow, I convinced a couple friends to head up to Shadow Cliffs to do a lap around the lake.  I had a little bit of anxiety for the first few minutes but quickly got over it and managed a slow 1.2 mile swim.  We probably could’ve saved a lot of time if we didn’t stop every few minutes to tell dirty jokes and giggle, but that wouldn’t be much fun.


A perfect afternoon swim

On Saturday, I went on a short ride to Morgan Hill to test out the changes to my bike I mentioned last week.  Removing my Speedfil tank greatly improved my bike’s ability to handle crosswinds  and I didn’t get thrown off the road by a gust every time a car drove by.  It feels like I’m getting more power after the adjustments I made to my saddle position, but it will take some time for my “parts” to adjust.


Uvas Reservoir in Morgan Hill

This is how I spent Saturday afternoon/evening after my ride:


Rest: check, compression: check, snuggle buddy: check!

Sunday morning, I met my friend/training partner/partner in crime for an easy run at the Palo Alto Baylands before indulging in a vegan donut and coffee at Philz.


Post-run recovery meal of champions

After our run, we took our doggies to the Mountain Winery for Woofstock.


1 hour of strength training

Run: 4.5 miles
30 minutes core strength

Swim: 2,000 yards
Shoulder strengthening exercises

Run: 4 miles
Bike: 1 hour on the trainer

Swim: 1.2 miles in open water

Bike: 37 miles

Run: 6 miles


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