IMCdA Training Summary: Week 13

As I mentioned last week, I am training with my coach again and my body is getting the ass kicking it needs. My volume increased dramatically to 14 hours this week by adding some more cycling workouts to my training. I managed to do a decent job of pacing myself and didn’t burn out early in the week.

Staying injury-free is my highest priority so I’m doing a lot of hip-strengthening exercises and spending plenty of quality time with my torture devices Trigger Point Therapy kit to keep my IT band and other body parts happy.

IMG_2599Friday night, I ditched the spandex and donned some satin for the company holiday party. I successfully avoided any wardrobe malfunctions/high heel-related injuries and walked away with a raffle prize (a bluetooth speaker).


Doing my best Vanna White impression

The weather was perfect for riding on Saturday, but I was a bit dehydrated from the Friday night festivities and I was worried about bonking so I opted to spin on the trainer for two hours instead.

Sunday, I headed to Redwood City to do repeats on Cañada Road for my 40 mile bike + 60 minute run workout. The road is a series of gentle rolling hills without any flat sections and is a perfect venue to force myself out of some bad habits. These were my self-imposed rules for the ride:

(a) stay in the big ring – I really need to develop my climbing strength
(b) no coasting allowed – I tend to coast way too much
(c) stay aero during all descents – I get nervous descending in the aerobars but there isn’t much point to having a TT bike if I’m going to be sitting up most of the time. I need to grow a pair (figuratively, of course) and get comfortable with this.

Strong winds combined with rules (a) and (b) had my legs feeling like bricks by the end of my ride and I just wanted to go home and stuff my face but I had a 60 minute run to do. I spent the next hour on the hilly dirt trail that runs along the road. It was a tough workout, but I felt so proud to have completed it.


The beautiful view from Cañada Road

Strength training: 90 minutes

Run: 5 miles at the track

Swim: 2,300 yards
Bike: 90 minutes on the trainer with pedal drills

Strength training: 1 hour

Swim: 2,500 yards
Run: 4 miles

Bike: 2 hours on the trainer

Bike: 40 miles
Run: 60 minutes


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