IMCdA Training Summary: January 13-19

I was out of commission for the better part of a month but I’m finally back in Ironman training mode. This week, I started transitioning to a geriatric bedtime of 9pm to ensure I get enough sleep before my early morning swim and track sessions. At first, I would be in bed for a couple hours before finally falling asleep but my body finally adjusted after a few nights.

I recently purchased Feed Zone Portables which is full of recipes for real food (I’m done with gels and chews!) to eat while training and racing. To my delight, many recipes in the book are already vegan or can be easily modified. My experiment this week was to veganize the recipe for Liege waffles. I substituted almond milk, Earth Balance, and Ener-G egg replacer in place of milk, butter, and eggs, respectively. To make the waffles extra decadent, I topped them with a dollop of freshly whipped coconut cream. They were delicious!


Now I’ll never reach reach weight!

Funny Story of the Week:
I hit a nasty pothole during my ride on Saturday and ejected a bottle from one of my rear cages. As I was waddling over to pick it up, I saw a truck drive right over it, causing a mini explosion of water on the road. When I retrieved the bottle, I was amazed to see that bottle was perfectly intact. The cap is another story…


I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck…

Sad Story of the Week:

The aforementioned Saturday ride took us by the Uvas reservoir in Morgan Hill, one of the main triathlon venues in the Bay Area. The effects of the California drought are evident in this picture.


What drought?

Swim: 1,800 yards
Strength training: 90 minutes

Run: 6 miles at the track with 4×1 mile repeats

Swim: 2,800 yards
Bike: 1 hour on the trainer

Strength training: 90 minutes

Swim: 1,800 yards

Bike: 30 miles
Run: 10 minutes off the bike

Bike: 90 minutes on the trainer
Run: 10 minutes off the bike


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