Food Prep Friday – May 24, 2013 Edition

I am fortunate to have a job with a schedule that’s usually very flexible. I prefer to get my 40 hours in by Thursday to give myself 3-day weekends most weeks. Since my Friday workouts are usually short (1 – 2 hours), I like to take advantage of the extra free time to plan my meals and prepare my food for the week. I find this helps me eat healthier, save time, and reduce my food spending.

Throughout the week, I maintain a shopping list that I add to as things run out in my kitchen or I find new recipes to try. Sometimes I get impulsive and add items I don’t need and later cross them off. I save my grocery trip until Friday, when I receive my weekly produce delivery from Farm Fresh to You. I edit my shopping list based on the items in my box.

This week, I received:

3 fuji apples
2 Hass avocados
4 apricots
1 clamshell of blueberries
2 bell peppers
2 HUGE eggplants
1 bunch of broccoli
1 bunch of carrots


Here’s my final shopping list for the week (I know I’m a huge nerd for using engineering paper).20130524-101635.jpg

After I completed my grocery shopping extravaganza, I came home and prepared…

1.5 cups of Basil pesto.  This is great to mix in with quinoa or spread on tomato slices.


5 cups of steel-cut oats and a boat-load of quinoa.IMG_3990

5 roasted sweet potatoes for snacking.  IMG_3992My first-ever batch of homemade almond milk.  It’s so easy, I don’t know why I waited so long to try it.  Oh She Glows does a great job of breaking down the process step-by-step.  The almond pulp by-product looks like it would make a nice addition to smoothies and oatmeal.


Most importantly, I prepared fuel for my long ride tomorrow!


Usually, I would also cook a couple types of beans, but I decided against it today because I still have some chickpeas and black beans from last week.

What’s in the Box: November 2, 2012

These are the goodies that were delivered today:

2 delicata squash
1 yellow onion
5 fuji apples
3 valencia oranges
1 green romanesco
2 avocados
4 kiwi
1 bunch baby broccoli
1 bunch carrots
1 bunch lacinato kale
1 head lettuce

I think I’ll use the kiwi and avocado to make this kiwi salsa.  I still have the pomegranate from my shipment last week.

The apples will go very well with Somer’s macadamia brie en croute. I made the brie this morning, now I just need to summon the motivation to make the cranberry compote and some puff pastry!

Any suggestions for how to use the veggies?

Gadgets Galore: Citrus Press!

I consume citrus fruits like it’s my job.  I juice 2 or 3 lemons every day to add to my water and salad dressing.  Fresh-squeezed lime juice is great in marinades and adult beverages. Orange juice straight from the fruit tastes way better than anything you’ll find in a bottle at the grocery store.

For years, I used handheld presses to extract the juice from citrus fruit. I found a couple issues with this type of juicer.  First, they seemed to leave a lot of juice in the fruit.  Second, I needed to replace them after 6 months of use because the hinge would eventually corrode and break.

A couple months ago, I decided it was worthwhile to invest in an OrangeX juice press.  It’s pricey and takes up a lot of space, but I’m completely in love with this thing!  The OrangeX extracts every drop of juice from the fruit and is easy to clean.  It has usurped my espresso machine’s spot on the counter by the kitchen sink.

I had a couple valencia oranges left from my CSA delivery last week, so I made some orange juice.  Two oranges yield about 1 cup of juice.

Rumor has it, this bad boy can also be used to make pomegranate juice!