Tips and Tricks

Here’s a list of random tips and tricks that make my life easier.  Please add to the list in the comments below!

For the Home Chef:

  1. Buy your spices and non-perishible food items in bulk.  It’s so much cheaper than the packaged stuff.
  2. Make your own salad dressing.  It’s easy and tastes much better!
  3. Mason jars are excellent food storage containers.  I use the quart-sized jars for dry lentils, beans, flours, etc.  Pint-sized jars are great for smoothies.  I use the small jars to store homemade spice blends and salad dressings.
  4. Set aside a couple hours to prep your food for the week.  I usually bake a few sweet potatoes and cook large batches of brown rice, quinoa, and a couple kinds of beans every weekend.  These foods take a while to cook but don’t require much effort, a perfect task after a long ride or run.  When it’s time to eat, I chop some fresh veggies and cook them  while reheating a serving of starch and protein.  I found this strategy greatly reduces the urge to eat random crap or pick up Chipotle for dinner.

For the Triathlete:

  1. Be safe!  Carry cash, ID, insurance card, and a phone on you when you ride and run. Consider wearing a RoadID.
  2. Wear sunscreen.  If you don’t, this will happen (scroll to the end).
  3. If you haven’t done so already, join STRAVA!!!!
  4. Potatoes and bananas are great fuel for for your long bike rides.
  5. If you wear contact lenses while training, buy a cheap extra pair of glasses and keep them in your car.  You never know if you’ll lose a contact during a swim, bike, or run.
  6. Vitamin C powder is great for removing chlorine from your hair and skin after swimming. Check out this post for more details.
  7. Bike/tri shorts are not meant to be worn with underwear (holy chafing, Batman!).  I thought this was an obvious one…  Apparently, it isn’t. 🙂
  8. Ladies, your sports bra makes and excellent place to stash your race nutrition during the bike and run.  It may sound weird, but it’s a lot easier than digging through your jersey pockets.
  9. Another one for the ladies (probably TMI)… When you use the bathroom wearing a one-piece swimsuit, you don’t need to bother taking the whole thing off.  Just pull the crotch of your suit to the side before sitting down and enjoy the hassle-free relief!

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