2010 Goal #2: Complete a 65 Bike Ride

My boyfriend (Ben) and I are registered for the Tour d’Organics in August.  We will be riding 65 miles through wine country with stops at local organic farms stocked with vegan goodies for fuel.  Ben hates to run, but enjoys riding.  Last year, he bought himself a very flashy Orbea Marmolada road bike (I call her ‘Lady Marmolada).  Naturally, he rode her often at first and then left her to collect dust in the garage.  A few months ago, I was browsing Organic Athlete’s website and found information on the Tour.  I pitched the idea to Ben as motivation ride again and a way for us to spend time together while being active.  He was agreeable so I signed us up.  We started riding together, but I only had a mountain bike and was finding it very difficult to keep pace with Ben and his Lady.  When the fall bike sales started, I went on a mission to buy a road bike with a budget of $1500.  Ultimately, I walked out of Mike’s Bikes in Berkeley with a shiny new Cannondale Six Carbon 6 and was only $100 over budget.

Now I need to explain the fears I will have to confront in the process of accomplishing this goal.  First, I am not a big fan of riding on the road.  This is a reasonable fear as bike accidents occur frequently.  I am starting out by riding only on roads with bike lanes and only when traffic volumes are low.  I’m also pretty nervous about having my feet physically attached to my bike.  Although I haven’t experienced a fall yet, I constantly envision myself tipping over with my bike and being unable to get out of the pedals.  For now, I unclip my well in advance of an intersection to avoid disaster.  As I become more comfortable with the pedals, I hope that I won’t need to be so cautious in the future.

If all goes well this year, I will try to convince Ben that we should do a century ride next year!


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