IMCdA Training Summary: February 3 – February 9

As you can see from my previous post, the week didn’t have a great start. Fortunately, my finger woes resolved on their own without the need for medical intervention.

For the past few weeks, running caused my left calf to get unusually tight. Rest, ice, compression, elevation, and copious rolling provided a little relief but the tightness seemed to get progressively worse from week to week. It became apparent that this was more than  a little niggle that would work itself out. One of my highest priorities is to survive Ironman training without injury so I went to a physical therapist to get checked out. My mind was blown when I was told that my right ankle was causing the problem with my left calf. My last post mentioned that I sprained my ankle twice in a short period of time. It turns out that limping on it and failing to do the exercises prescribed by my doctor has left my ankle with very little range of motion. As a result, my running gait was altered in a way that forces my left calf to work harder than it should. To get my running back on track, I’m taking a break from speed work and going to PT twice a week. Since I didn’t wait too long to address the issue, it won’t have a significant impact on my Ironman training.


Run: 4 miles at the track

Swim: 2,500 yards

Bike: 60 minutes on the trainer

Swim: 2,500 yards

Bike: 1 hour on the trainer

Bike: 2 hours on the trainer


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